5 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time. The parties, the gifts, the decorations, and the world is just generally a merrier place. But beneath the festivities lie winter colds, germs, stress, and a whole lot of fatty foods. And yes, you told yourself you would only have a taste of egg nog this year. A taste turns into a glass followed by a second and a third and pretty soon you’re downing an egg nog milkshake everyday because it’s “the holidays.” In order to avoid becoming a hot mess this holiday season, we talked with Kathryn Moos, former professional soccer player and founder and CEO of VROU, the new multivitamin drink for women, as well as Natalie Uhling, supermodel spokeswoman for Under Armour, fitness instructor, and all-around health guru who just launched her own workout method, NUFit, for healthy tips on how to enjoy this month without going overboard!

1. Stay hydrated.

Water always seems to be the answer. Moos says, “As the weather turns colder, and schedules are packed-full of holiday parties, drinking water often slips to the bottom of the priority list; it’s easy to be consumed with delectable hot beverages and alcohol cheer. I try to keep a bottle of VROU close to me throughout the day, it’s the perfect sized bottle to fit in your purse when you’re on the go!”

She told Levo water can help your skin, energy levels, focus, and all bodily functions. Women are supposed to intake 90 ounces of fluid per day. If you’re like me, you probably aren’t anywhere near that and it could be causing a lot of problems. “If you feel fatigued, have a headache, or your skin feels dry—try a glass of water, or better yet, a bottle of VROU! You may be surprised at how simple the fix can be.”

Moos suggests drinking a couple of glasses of water before a holiday party so you don’t go starving and park yourself near the jumbo shrimp all night. “Try drinking a couple glasses of water before your next holiday party, and you may notice how those chocolate truffles aren’t quite as appetizing as they once were,” Moos says.

2. Keep working out.

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you should stop your routine of working out regularly says Uhling. Play some Christmas music while you jog! “Schedule your dinners and parties after hitting the gym or a class. I promise you’ll feel better and so will your body,” she told us.

3. Bundle up after you workout.

Unless you’re a lucky West Coaster, it’s probably starting to get a little nippier out. If you shower after a workout, don’t just walk outside with wet hair. “Make sure to bundle up after your sweat session. You don’t want to leave the gym soaking wet and then get sick. Try blow-drying your wet ends before leaving. It’ll help keep the heat in your body on your commute home,” Uhling says.

4. Give active gifts.

Yes, you could get your friend that cute bracelet, but why not get them a certificate to a fitness studio or SoulCycle classes and then go with them? A bracelet is nice, but having abs may be better.

5. Enjoy, but in moderation.

The holidays are about having a good time and you shouldn’t restrict yourself to a point where you aren’t even going to parties. Moderation is the key thing to remember. “Keep everything in moderation and simply try to move everyday!” Uhling says.

Source: Levo.com

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