7 Tips to Winterize Your Home

I have noticed recently the weather turning from a nice fall day to the chilly weather of winter. Now is a great time to get the house winterized before it gets too cold. Taking a few hours to winterize the house can not only save you some money on your heating bills, it can also help save you from some costly repairs. Save some money and time with these 7 tips to winterize your home.


I will admit, I HATE spiders. If hubby is home I make him kill the spiders. So, I try to do my best to keep the spiders out of the house. As the weather turns cold they will try their best to work their way into your house. I like to spray all around the windows and doors, plus spray the base of the house. It only takes about 20 minutes, but makes a big difference in keeping the bugs away. There are some great bug sprays that last up to 6 months, so if you spray now you won’t have to spray again until March.


Before you turn on the heat this winter you should make sure to have a new air filter in your furnace. This will not only keep your house warmer, but it can help keep your heating bill down. If you are like me and tend to forget when you change your filters I highly recommend Amazon. You can request that Amazon sends you a new filter every few months. Ours needs changed every 3 months, so every 3 months we get a new one in the mail and I know it’s time to change it.


Removing the garden hoses is a simple, but a very important task to winterize your home. If you don’t remove the hose your pipes can crack allowing water to seep through. You may not even realize that you have a crack until you find the water damage in the house. I like to take down my garden hoses in early October before it gets too cold. I just store them wrapped up in the garage until spring.


If you have trees near your gutters you will want to check them for leaves. Leaves and sticks can build up in your gutters and stop the flow of water. When the water freezes it can damage the gutters or your house. A gutter scoop is a great way to quickly get all the leaves from the gutters.


Take a few minutes to inspect the weather-stripping on the doors. Any weather-stripping that is torn or missing should be replaced. My dogs often tear up our weather-stripping when they jump up on the door. It only takes about 15 minutes to replace and really helps keep the cold drafts out.


Do you have a working chimney? If you do you should have it inspected every year. Creosote can build up along the walls of a chimney and cause problems or even a fire. A proper chimney inspection will tell if your chimney is in good working order or if you need to have it cleaned.


Check your windows and around the trim on your house for gaps. Often after years the caulk around windows can wear away or the gaps get bigger. You can save yourself a lot of future damage by filling the gaps. It will not only help seal any air leaks to keep the cold out, but will also prevent rain or snow from getting into the gaps and causing rot or mold. A $2 bottle of caulk can save you a lot of money.

Don’t spend all of your money on utility bills this winter. By taking the time to do these simple tips you can save yourself some time and money later.

Source: FrugallyBlonde.com

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