Pow! Wow! Comes to Long Beach



If you've been driving around the downtown Long Beach area this week you've probably noticed the massive murals popping up in public spaces. Not the work of rampaging vandals, the vibrantly colored walls come courtesy of Pow! Wow! Long Beach. Originally conceived in Hawaii, Pow! Wow! is a week long community event that organizes gallery shows, live music and public art installations. Its goal is to engage the community while creating art. Pow! Wow! events have taken place across the globe in countries such as Taiwan, New Zealand and Germany to name a few. Here in Long Beach multiple events are planned through Saturday night culminating with the Pow!Wow! School of Music concert. Participating artists include Tristan Eaton, whose work is pictured above, Cryptik, Fafi, James Jean, Madsteez and more. For more information visit http://www.powwowlongbeach.com.



Beatrix WhippleComment