When It Comes To Personal Fireworks, Many California Cities Cut the Fuse

In Southern California 4th of July celebrations vary as much as the terrain. Some folks enjoy a nice chardonnay with a cheese plate and an ocean view. Others enjoy lugging the kids to the local ball field for a stellar fireworks show. Still, others wait all year long to put on a show of their own.

Unfortunately, with dry summer conditions come restrictions on the personal use of fireworks.  If you see fireworks bursting above the Long Beach skyline, chances are they're being discharged by professionals at the Queen Mary. However, there are still a handful of cities nearby where residents can legally fire up the sparklers and take to the streets. These include: Carson, Garden Grove, Gardena, Huntington Beach and Lakewood. For a more complete list click here.

 Let us know how you'll be spending your holiday? Are you one of the lucky few who can legally light a fuse? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.