Summer's Coming, Get Your Home Ready For The Heat

Sure, we live in Southern California, and most of us have been ready for summer since early January. But can we say the same for our homes? Here are a five tips to get your sanctuary ready for the warm season, inside and out

  1. Keep Your Fridge Humming: A summer without cold drinks on hand is like attending a pancake breakfast in the middle of a syrup famine. Take care now to clean your refrigerator’s condensing coils to keep it running smoothly all summer long. Unplug the fridge, and remove the base plate or top grate. (Check your owner's manual to locate coils.) Use a vacuum cleaner with the nozzle attachment to remove any dirt and lint.

  2. Keep It Light And Breezy: Enjoy warm summer evening breezes through your screen doors. Clean screening and repair or replace it, if needed. Tighten and lubricate door hinges and closers, especially on wooden doors that can become warped with changing temperatures, humidity, and wet weather.  

  3. Become A Fan, Of The Fan: You may not be able to get through the month of May without running your air conditioner—let alone June, July, and August—but don’t discount the value of a ceiling fan. Set the blades to revolve counterclockwise, which forces the hotter air near the ceiling to mix with the lower, cooler air, leveling out the room temperature.

  4. Keep The Sun Out: There’s no point in turning on the AC if the sun streams through the  windows and bakes your living room. Install reflective film, sunscreen-fabric curtains, or roller shades. If you’re investing in new windows, choose panes with a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC).

  5. Shed Some Light In The Right Places: Don’t let the setting sun determine the end of your time outside. Outdoor lighting can brighten up your house, turn a patio into an outdoor room, or set a romantic mood.



Beatrix WhippleComment