Tips To Help You Save When Remodeling

If done right, a home remodel can put a homeowner on the fast track to increased equity. But too often the novice remodeler stumbles neck deep into a money pit. When it comes to keeping home improvement projects within budget, it's important to have a strategy. Hiring trusted contractors with quality references is always a good starting point, and factoring a 20 percent cushion into the budget can help prepare for surprise expenses. Here is a short list of some tips every would-be Bob Vila should keep in mind when tackling home improvement:

  1. Size isn't everything: Sometimes the best route to improving your home is the most efficient one. Remember that it's possible to increase floor space without cash-guzzling expansions requiring extensive demo work.  A great place to start might be by replacing space-hogging shelves with custom-made cabinets. Though the custom job will set you back a few bills, you can install pullout drawers containing racks for canned goods and other items in order to free up usable square footage. 
  2. Shedding light on savings: You don't have to tear a hole through the side of your house and reconfigure the framing in order to illuminate the darker spaces of your abode. A relatively inexpensive light tube slips between the roof rafters and directs sunshine into dark corners.
  3. Avoid moving the sink: And while you're at it, avoid moving the toilet too. The cost of these improvements can be difficult to estimate without tearing things apart, and unexpected complications can suddenly arise. If you can, avoid such improvements.
  4. Plan ahead: Take a trip to the hardware store long before the project gets underway. Familiarize yourself with the fixtures and appliances you want, and how much they're going to cost. Plan now, save later.
  5. Haul it yourself: Put the brakes on delivery fees by picking up materials yourself. If you don't have a pickup truck, consider purchasing a single axle utility trailer. There are plenty of places to find trailers online. Ebay's a good place to start.


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