Smart Phone Apps That Can Help You Sell Your Home

When selling your home, there are plenty of smart phone and tablet applications that can help you navigate the process.

When selling your home, there are plenty of smart phone and tablet applications that can help you navigate the process.

It's summer in sunny southern California. Mortgage rates are hovering at all time lows and housing inventory is tight. Now is an excellent time for homeowners to consider selling. While it's important to hire a top-shelf agent to help you get the job done, it's also important to keep abreast of the great technology available to help homeowners seal the deal. Right now we can hear a collective groan coming from some of you out there reading this. We get it, there's already enough to keep in mind when selling a home—who wants to learn how to use this week's latest digital doodad?

Keep in mind that technology can be a powerful tool that drives a seller down the road to increased equity. Here are a few apps to help you on your quest.

1. Houzz

When it comes to wooing potential homebuyers, first impressions can make or break a deal. If a home has several blemishes, even if seemingly minor, renovations might be highly recommended. The problem is, most of us don't have the eye for remodeling that say world famous interior designer Patricia Urquiola has. So it's technology to the rescue. Houzz offers access to a library of home design photos and connects users with design and construction professionals. According to the company's website, Houzz boasts a community of more than 30-million users worldwide offering a deep well of inspiration.

2. Paint Tester Pro

Lots of home remodeling projects start and end with a fresh coat of paint. But picking the right color for your house can be deceptively tricky. A room's furniture and lighting make it difficult to envision what the finished product will look like. Too often, it's not until after hours of prep work and time spent standing on a ladder that a person realizes what a mistake they made by picking that nut brown color for the kitchen. Paint Tester Pro can save you time and money and help you make an informed decision.  Available through iTunes, Paint Tester allows a person to take a photo of the room they want to paint, then apply various swatches to the image. 

3. Magic Plan

Another great tool for envisioning a remodeling project, Magic Plan allows a user to walk through a house while taking pictures on their smart phone or tablet, then generates a detailed floor plan based on the images. This is a convenient way to gather and store valuable information without busting out the tape measure for a tedious analysis.

4. Document Scanner

It's hard to believe, but despite all of our technological advances we still deal with real world paper documents. During the process of selling a home there can be mountains of paperwork requiring multiple signatures. Sometimes a document needs to get somewhere fast when you're stuck on the other side of town. Luckily with the right apps, your smart phone can scan hard copy documents and turn them into PDF files, then beam them to the cloud in nano seconds. There's more than one scanner app on the market including JotNot Scanner Pro and Scanner Pro, both of which will set you back $2.99. If you're not interested in dropping any coin on a scanning application, Tiny Scan is free.