Which amenities do you think are essential for home shoppers?


People shopping for homes tend to already have a vision in their mind of their dream home. They like to visualize themselves in a perfect zone that is conducive to their lifestyle and also meets their personal needs. It’s not surprising that 82% of the shoppers want to be comfortable with a central AC or heater. Imagine relaxing in your air conditioned home while all of your friends are sweating it up and putting wet towels on their heads to cool down. 59% are looking forward to hosting dinner parties in their beautiful backyard that looks like a Crate & Barrel advertisement, or having their kids tire themselves out by running around for hours. It’s always great to have a guest bedroom in case your mother-in-law wants to come stay over…for who knows how long? Walk-in closets are essential to most people because who doesn’t want to feel like they are in a movie where they have 30 pairs of shoes lined up on the shelves? 32% of the shoppers interviewed do, that’s who! And finally, the direction the home faces is important as well because there’s just something so great about having the light hit your living room exactly how you want in order to enjoy that book you’ve been meaning to read for 5 years.

These essentials are not the only things that shoppers want to consider while looking for a home. Some people need a huge kitchen, some people won’t budge on not having built-ins, a fireplace, or arched doorways. It is important to have at least some sort of plan in mind while looking for a home. If you are shopping with someone who you will be living with, talking about those priorities are a great way to avoid potential arguments and to get you on the same page!

What are your non-negotiables? Whatever they may be, as buyer and seller specialists, we here at The Whipple Group are here to help you navigate the process and find the perfect home. Those homes are out there, it just helps having people who know their way around the industry to find it for you!