It's home selling season!


Ever wondered when is the best time to sell your home?

What if we were to tell you it’s right now? Don’t believe us? Alright, let’s break it down.

There are many factors that go into selling a home quickly and for the best possible price. Weather, sunshine, tax refunds, schools and home inventory are just a few examples of things that can affect the outcome of a sale. Statistics say that in most areas homes sell an average of 18.5 days quicker and for 5.9% more money in the first two weeks of May.



Spring is a great time to beat the summer competition.


  • It’s a great idea to get ahead of the summer competition.

  • As plants and flowers bloom, the curb appeal of your home improves.

  • Generally there is more money for repairs and renovations because of the tax refunds that come in the late winter / early spring.

  • Buyers have more time to go searching for homes with the longer days and warmer weather.

  • Working around the school schedule is a good way to go, buyers can close on a home just before the new school year.


  • Although it won’t be as competitive as the summer, it is still a competitive time to sell.

  • If the weather still happens to be rainy that could effect showings and open houses.

  • Timing could be tricky with kids in school in case the home sells very quickly.



Like spring, summer is a top time of year to sell.


  • Buyers are more likely to make competitive offers as the buying window is closing.

  • Same as spring time there are more hours in the day and better weather for buyers to check out your home.

  • Because of vacations and more time after work showing times are more flexible.

  • Buyers are in more of a hurry because of the school year coming up and getting their kids settled.

  • After the spring season there is more information the ensure accurate comps and pricing of your home.


  • Competition could be higher as summer is one of the prime selling seasons.

  • Sometimes the weather can be too hot for buyers to want to house hunt.

  • Buyers may be on vacation.

  • Maintaining the yard and blasting the air conditioning can add to costs when showing your home.

  • Could be tough to keep the house show-ready while the kids are home and not at school.

  • Because it is a busy season for professionals finding landscapers, contracts etc. could be more difficult.



Weather can be a huge factor to selling your home in the fall.


  • As fall is not a busy time of the year to sell a home there is less competition.

  • Vivid colors with the fall plants could make images of your home stand out.

  • Buyers have more motivation to close before the holidays.

  • Professionals are not as busy so finding landscapers and contractors could be more accessible.


  • Because there is less competition for the home buyers might become more difficult.

  • Harder to maintain exterior landscape.

  • As school starts and the weather begins to get colder, people aren’t out looking for homes as much .

  • Depending on where you live, the curb appeal could be lost as plants die and become brown.

  • Same as the air conditioning in the summer, heating costs can go up during showings.



It’s likely the hardest to sell your home during this season.


  • Less inventory means buyers don’t have as many listings to choose from.

  • Buyers like to take advantage of tax breaks so they are more motivated to close before the end of the year.

  • Buyers relocate for jobs starting in December and need a new home.

  • Real estate agents looking for year-end sales will be working diligently to get you the best deal.

  • Decorations for the holidays can give buyers a warm feeling and help them envision their life in the house.


  • If there is a hot winter market there is more competition.

  • Like the fall, curb appeal isn’t the best.

  • Days are shorter and colder.

  • Buyers may be giving low-ball offers and relying on sellers desperation to sell.

  • People are more likely to stay inside and focus on the holidays.

  • Moving around the holidays is hard for both parties involved.

  • Worst time of the year for professionals like landscapers and contracts as they are not as likely to work as much over the holidays.

  • Inconvenient to keep your home show ready during the holidays.

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