Wall and Vertical Systems

Small spaces can be some of the most difficult environments to squeeze in a garden. But adding a little plant life to your 'cozy' home can make it seem cleaner, brighter, and livelier. Online garden retailer Urbilis is on board with that philosophy and has brought together some of the best modern, colorful and space-smart garden goods. Their beautiful and functional products will not only inspire you to turn your black thumb green, but also turn your plants into a work of art.

Many of Urbilis' goods we've previously gushed about on our website, such as theWoolly Pockets (from $16.19), Sky Planters (from $16.19), Hanging Porcelain Planters (from $54.99), and Loll Outdoor Furniture (from $148.00).

The first is that we really believe in beautiful, functional design and giving people the tools to make the most of any space. We were seeing a lot of fantastic products for people who were low on gardening space but still want to add plants to their home, and seeing a need for beautiful, space–sensitive products at the same time.

The second inspiration is our mission to revive retail space in our home town of Providence, Rhode Island. Urbilis is one of three brands under way by our start-up company, Retail Project RI. The Retail Project first grows promising brands online, with the intention of scaling them into underutilized storefronts in Providence. We hope to see Urbilis continue to grow not only as a great online store, but as a wonderful new addition to our city!


Merchandise source: We currently source from 23 manufacturers and designers. Most of our partners are small businesses that design and produce right here in the USA.

Best selling item: The Woolly Pockets do very well! Customers love that they are versatile and work for a variety of spaces.

Your favorite item: The Stoneware Pockets by JFish Designs. The handmade planters can stand upright on a tabletop or hang on a wall, and the bright color highlights interior storage that fits a variety of small plants.

Favorite store (other than your own): Zappos, and not because I am a shoe fiend, but because I love how they have grown the business online and are now dedicated to reviving downtown Las Vegas.