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Local Business Highlight: I'm Ok, You're Ok Vintage

Beatrix Whipple
Dec 7 6 minutes read

I’m Ok, You’re Ok

Interviewed by Lindsey Goodrow

Meet Ashleigh Morrisey, curator of I’m Ok, You’re Ok, a handpicked vintage business in Long Beach, California. 

Read our interview with this small business owner to learn more about the shop’s one-of-kind-items and the intentional care that goes into curating vintage.

  How long have you been in vintage and can you describe the moment you decided to make it your business?

I’ve loved vintage for as long as I can remember, but never considered that love was something I could build a business out of. It wasn’t until mid-pandemic in 2020 that I really decided to take it seriously. With normal life on pause, I figured why the hell not! I started selling vintage that I had stockpiled through Instagram and within a few months was able to move into my first shop space and begin consciously curating and building a brand.

What kind of items do you pick and sell? What is your style?

I sell a little bit of everything in the shop, but tend to focus on clothing. I offer a selection of vintage for men, women, and children as well as home goods and trinkets.

I would consider my style eclectic. I pick whatever I tend to gravitate towards so my personal style really comes through in the shop.
Curating is such a personal and intentional experience, the shop truly becomes an offering from the heart.

Once you pick something, what is the process like for making it into a marketable and sellable good?

The process from pick to sell is different for every item. Some items are as easy as pick, wash, shoot, sell and others require hours of labor mending to be brought back to life.

This year, I launched a line of hand printed vintage pieces and those require much more labor.
Each piece is printed by hand with anywhere from 10-20 graphics thoughtfully placed to create the perfect piece.

Where can we find I’m Ok, You’re OK vintage & goods?

You can shop I’m Ok, You’re Ok Vintage in person at Casa de Luxe on Retro Row in Long Beach or online at 

This month on December 17th we will be selling at the Long Beach Antique Market as well!

We heard you recently visited Thailand. What was thrifting like there?

I did! It was such an amazing experience, Thailand is a beautiful place with amazing people.
I had the chance to shop at a market in Bangkok one weekend and wound up making some friends who sell vintage as well. 

I sourced around 200 tees and brought them home with me.
It was definitely one of my larger picks, so needless to say I was *very* excited. I hope to visit again sometime soon, this time a little more prepared!

Can you tell us more about what you picked in Thailand?

In the lot of 200 tees there were a few 60s-70s pieces I had been on the hunt for for years. Amongst that lot was an old Long Beach Grand Prix shirt—which felt extra special to find so far away from home. It felt like a little nod from the universe that I was where I was meant to be in that moment.

Was starting a thrift business easy or hard considering the established thrifting community here in Long Beach?

Starting a vintage business in Long Beach has been a great experience. There is such a strong sense of community here that I feel really sets our city apart. Don’t get me wrong, starting a business is hard work no matter where you’re at but I do feel that the community here feels like a warm hug on those harder days. I’m very grateful to have so much love and support for OKOK in Long Beach.

How does I’m Ok, You’re Ok stand out from the rest on the vintage in Long Beach?

I’m Ok, You’re Ok Vintage has so much love and intention poured into it.
I think that my customer base knows that and can feel it through my work which sets OKOK apart. 

Shopping small is such an impactful decision, whether or not that is the intention behind the choice.
I really do my best to find the coolest, most unique pieces that I see potential in.
Vintage is a business of breathing new life into otherwise forgotten pieces and I think my selection showcases the love and care that goes into curating it.

We see you launched a website! Are there items available there that aren’t in the shop? How has it helped your small business?

I did launch my website, finally! I have to pinch myself everytime I see it.
The photos really brought it all together in a way I couldn’t have ever imagined (shout out to my photographer, Jay Diebel, for that!).
I'm still finding my groove with pieces being both online and in store—but for the most part everything on the site is available to try on in store.

With the website launch out of the way, what's the next big step for I’m Ok, You’re Ok?

The website was a big check off the list for me! Now I’m going to focus on marketing and growing business.
I’m really grateful for the growth that took place this year and am looking forward to more in 2024!

Need gift ideas this holiday season? We’ve got you covered!
Find something special for the kiddos, your loved ones, and even yourself from I’m Ok, You’re Ok Vintage.
Head to the Long Beach Antique Market at Veterans Stadium on December 17th. 

Be sure to follow the shop on Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest web drops!

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