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Local Business Highlight: Wax n' Blush

Beatrix Whipple
Mar 6 5 minutes read

Wax N’ Blush

In The Business of Revolutionary Self-Care

Wax N’ Blush is a vegan waxing and cosmetics business owned and operated by Larissa Plascencia-Olea. Her studio is nestled in the hip downtown area of Long Beach on 322 Elm Avenue, right around the corner from the legendary Fingerprints record store. This beauty and wellness sanctuary is in the business of revolutionary self-care, boasting organic, vegan, and cruelty-free products and services. For ethically-minded beauty, wellness, facials and brows, be a part of the revolution and book your appointment today!

Beyond the fact that Wax N’ Blush was awarded Best Brows in Long Beach, Whipple Group knew there was more excitement to uncover about this local wellness boutique, and we couldn’t wait to get the scoop! Larissa Plascencia-Olea kindly found time between caring for her clients to chat with us about the revolutionary waves her business is making.

Products and Services Offered

Since 2018, Larissa has been offering vegan waxing, organic facials, and makeup services to her steady amassing of clients. The business has recently and joyfully expanded, now bringing the community a wide variety of clean non-toxic skincare, makeup, and wellness products!

When we asked Wax N’ Blush how their services differ from other businesses in the industry, Plascencia-Olea said, 

“We take Self-care seriously and truly believe that the quality of products being used on the skin are just as important as the service being provided. We use vegan waxes that are gentler on the skin, as well organic products for all of our facials. This combination prevents stripping the skin, giving our clients long-lasting and GLOWING results.”

For an idea of a service you might expect when you first walk into Wax N’ Blush, take for example the Eyebrow Makeover. This service is recommended for all first time clients and includes a consultation providing information on where the eyebrow should start, arch and end. As a client, you will also learn about products you can use that will provide your ideal look.

Fret Not, First Timers

Since you can count on this safe space to offer ethically-minded services with plant-based products, you can rest assured that the care you receive will also be 100% compassionate. In other words, Wax N’ Blush cares so deeply about the products they use and the intention behind their services that you are guaranteed to be in good hands, no matter your experience or familiarity with waxings, facials, or makeup services.

Not only can you rely on Wax N’ Blush for radical self-care, but you can count on the staff to be patient and understanding every step of the way through your self-care journey. Larissa has opened a business that is safe, all inclusive, and empowering to all who walk in.

Disconnect from the world and reconnect to your body when you book a service with Larissa and her team at Wax N’ Blush. BOOK HERE!

Connecting To Your Community

When Larissa Plascencia-Olea decided to open up shop in the downtown Long Beach area she was already a longtime resident in our small-business loving community. Long Beach had been her home for a decade, and she had already witnessed the level of support that locals show businesses such as hers. She knew instantly, after deciding to start her small business, that this was the right city to do it in.

Larissa Plascencia-Olea says that her business incorporates three core values: ethics, authenticity and community. During the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdown, her business (along with so many others) had to close its doors. The community rallied to support them through this tough time, keeping them afloat. 

“We coincidentally expanded right when the pandemic hit,” Larissa says, “and being that we are a service-focused brand, we’ve had to get creative in finding ways to still be there for our clients without actually being there! This was difficult in the beginning but we love that we now offer take home items that will allow our clients to have a ‘spa day’ at home”.

When asked what Larissa is looking forward to when it comes to Wax N’ Blush’s future, she let’s Whipple Group know that her boutique has created a calendar of events where locals can participate in skincare and makeup workshops in order to learn more about how their products work and why they’re good for you.

If you’d like updates on how Wax N’ Blush is growing in the Long Beach community as well as how they're expanding their offerings, follow their journey by subscribing to their mailer! Enter your email address HERE.

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